Why are we tired, stressed, and sick?

  • The demands on women in our culture are greater than they ever have been.  We are in the workforce, caring for our families, cooking, cleaning, chauffering, coordinating, and running a household, often without the support of family  and community close by. 

  • Our food is becoming less nutrient-dense, filled with sugars, inflammatory oils, and preservatives. The food industry has preyed on our need for convenience.  

  • New chemicals are being introduced into our environment daily - in the air, in the soil, in our personal care items, and things we use in our daily life. Our need for detoxification has increased. 

The sum of the stressors on our body compared to our body's abillity to process them is called Body Burden. The need is greater than ever to reduce our body burden by taking out what is not beneficial, and adding in what is. 

Image by Bethany Beck
Image by Jeff Sheldon

Creating Your  Personal Program

  • One-on-one access with personalized care, on a weekly or monthly basis, according to your unique needs and preferences.

  • Functional lab testing to get to the root of your concerns. Less guesswork, more targeted interventions. 

  • Practical and personalized protocols made with you, for you, based on your labwork and for your lifestyle. Full support in implementing the plans for nutrition, movement, stress reduction, detoxification, and sleep . 

  • Specialized supplement plan, with access to your own discounted dispensary. Save time and money by having your high-quality supplements shipped to your home.